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College Student Apartments Nacogdoches

College students usually start off their first year in a college dorm, however there comes a point where many students have a desire to live off campus with friends and classmates. Russian River, college student apartments, provides a wonderful off campus housing experience for students looking to be close enough to school surrounded by other students, yet far enough away to experience some freedom and independence. We offer many benefits for the SFA student and we strive to create the best possible environment for all of our renters. Our staff is always there to help you with anything you need 24/7, our renters are friendly and our grounds are safe and clean. Russian River is a place for students to feel proud to call home, and we are excited to explain why Russian River is the right choice for you! Below we list some great benefits to living here off campus.

1. Dining

A great perk to living at the Russian River Apartments is having your very own kitchen in your apartment. You no longer need to worry about eating at the cafeteria, where you have to wait in line and eat food you may not like. Now you can cook anything you desire in the comfort of our own home and eat any hour of the day! Living on campus you may often need to wait to use the campus kitchen, but here you have all the tools necessary to create your own dinging experience any way you like it.

2. Independence and more freedom!

All good things come in moderation, and the key to succeeding in college is time management and balance. Living close to school off campus, provides a great balance for students seeking to be close to school yet far enough to enjoy freedom. Living on campus can lead to issues such as not being able to pick your roommates, loud hallways, and controlling resident advisors compromising your stay at school. An awesome benefit to living off campus is that you decide who lives with you, or with out you and the only one you need to answer to is yourself. Our staff is always here to keep the grounds respectful and safe while you manage your own independence and enjoy living your own lifestyle.

3. Individual growth:

Individual growth is what all people strive to achieve, especially college students. In college, individual growth can mean being successful in class and maintaining good grades. Another area of personal growth is learning how to maintain your apartment and enjoying the independence of living on your own close to school. If living away from school, yet close enough in a Nacogdoches apartment seems right for you, fill our this form and plan a your tour today!