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5 Items that are Essential for your First Student apartment in Nacogdoches!

Russian River Apartments in Nacogdoches Texas wishes everyone a successful semester at SFA University. Read our 5 essential tips for items needed for your first student apartments!

#1 a Bedding Set

One Bedroom Apartment in Nac

It’s your first apartment, one of the best things about that, is you can decorate everything, how you like it. Make sure you find a bedding set that you love! Because hey you’re going to be the one making the bed each morning.

#2 a Desk

Student Housing SFA

It’s always important to have a space where you can sit and have no distractions, such has a tv, or even food. I greatly recommend a nice desk. Corner desks are great they save space and still give you great storage!

#3 a Laundry Hamper

SFA Housing for Students

Make sure you buy some sort of laundry hamper/Basket.

Its a great alternative than leaving your clothes on the floor. Plus there are some that you can even separate whites from darks, etc, they also have some where you can detach the basket and it is a laundry bag to take to the washroom. Laundry hamper/baskets are AWESOME on laundry day.

#4  a Clock

Nacogdoches Apartments 3 Bedroom

A clock is essential especially in the bedroom. For those days that your alarm doesn’t go off you can look up and see the time, it takes less time than trying to find your phone. It will also help you from being late!

#5 a Shower Curtain

student living Nacogdoches Texas

A shower curtain is also another way you can really decorate your apartment. You can also make your whole bathroom match!

These five things are great to have! They will make your new home functional and also decorative. Make sure you add some decorations pictures etc! Adding your own flare to your apartment is an important part of moving into your new home!

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